Cannabis is no longer seen purely as a recreational drug – people all over the world now use it for a range of therapeutic purposes. From reducing stress and depression to alleviating pain and inflammation, the positive effects of marijuana can help with a wide variety of issues. As such, some users may wonder – can cannabis help prevent hair loss?

There isn’t a huge amount of evidence to suggest that cannabis will prevent hair loss, nor that it’ll cause it. However, recent findings suggest that CBD may help when it comes to hair regrowth. What’s more, cannabis and CBD can help reduce many of the common causes of hair loss. Here’s a guide to whether cannabis can help prevent hair loss.

Can Marijuana Prevent Hair Loss?

Marijuana can make users feel better both physically and mentally. It’s often used as a natural therapy for relieving pain, aches, and physical distress. Many users also use it to counteract anxiety, stress, and other mood problems. However, when it comes to maintaining healthy hair, it’s unclear whether it’ll help or hinder you.

There’s not much research to suggest that marijuana can prevent hair loss. A 2007 study suggested that THC – the main psychoactive component in marijuana – may inhibit hair shaft elongation and proliferation. Exposure to smoke can also make your hair dry and brittle, so smoking weed isn’t necessarily the best idea for those who want healthy-looking hair.

With that said, these results aren’t conclusive and marijuana can also help in other ways. Many people find that marijuana helps reduce their stress and improve their sleep significantly. Both of these factors can contribute to reduced hair loss and faster hair regrowth. Those who want to avoid smoke in their hair can also avoid smoking by using products such as weed edibles or tinctures. Plus, research suggests that CBD – another common cannabinoid – can also enhance your hair regrowth.

Can CBD Prevent Hair Loss?

Smoking weed or consuming THC might not necessarily be great for your hair health, but that doesn’t mean that other components in cannabis can’t help. CBD products have become extremely popular alternatives to marijuana. CBD is non-psychoactive and offers many of the same benefits as THC without the same drawbacks.

A 2021 study even found that CBD can promote hair regrowth in those suffering from hair loss. Subjects applied topical CBD products to their hair, using around 3 to 4 mg of CBD per day for 6 months. On average, CBD treatment helped boost hair regrowth by 93.5%. It was especially effective for males, although females also saw good rates of regrowth.

These findings are promising for anyone looking for an alternative treatment for hair loss. While many people use medications to tackle hair loss, these often come with unwanted side effects. CBD is very safe to use and is also said to provide a wide range of benefits. It can also help reduce many of the potential causes of hair loss.

Can CBD Prevent Hair Loss

Can Cannabis Prevent Causes Of Hair Loss?

Since there’s not much research linking cannabis to hair loss or hair growth, it’s difficult to say how much it will help. With that said, it’s worth noting that cannabis is often promoted as a treatment for many of the causes of hair loss. Reducing these causes could help users significantly with their hair growth.

Lack of sleep is often linked to hair loss. Not getting enough sleep each night can significantly hinder your hair regrowth. It can also lead to more hair falling out due to increased stress, fatigue, and lack of recovery. Fortunately, marijuana can help users relax and get to sleep much easier – even if they’re suffering from problems due to insomnia or lack of sleep due to pain.

Cannabis can also help with stress. Many people find that even a small amount of weed helps significantly reduce their stress levels. Additionally, research shows that cannabis can help reduce other mood problems such as depression and anxiety. Since stress often causes hair loss, users suffering from chronic stress may find cannabis helpful for their hair loss.

Can CBD Prevent Causes Of Hair Loss?

You don’t need to smoke marijuana or use THC-infused products to reduce your stress and improve your sleep. On the contrary, research suggests that CBD can also help with these issues. It’s also very safe to use as it’s non-psychoactive and won’t cause any serious side effects.

A 2019 study on using cannabidiol for anxiety and sleep found that taking CBD daily significantly reduced anxiety symptoms for subjects. Since anxiety is often linked to excessive stress and fatigue, reducing it may also help users reduce hair loss.

Additionally, taking CBD daily helped improve sleep for users. Sleep is important for reducing stress and fatigue. It’s also important for recovery – including hair growth. As such, those suffering from poor sleep may find that CBD helps improve their sleeping habits and their hair health.

Can CBD Prevent Causes Of Hair Loss

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Can cannabis help prevent hair loss? It’s hard to say. Smoking weed might not be the best thing for your hair, but THC can help reduce stress and improve your sleep, both of which can contribute to better hair regrowth. CBD can also provide these same benefits, and research suggests topically-applied CBD can also help with hair regrowth.

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