Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD



Buy Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD  Online

Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD

Buy Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD  Online. We start with high grade organic hemp oil. Then we add natural organic flavours to ensure great taste and aftertaste. Finally we add super high grade full spectrum cannabis distillate and mix to perfection! Each 30ml bottle of Ethos Cannabinoid Tincture contains 1ml (1 gram, or 1000mg) of full spectrum cannabis distillate. The hemp oil and the distillate create a beautiful and powerful synergy that can only be achieved through the use of the entire cannabinoid spectrum. Do yourself a flavour and give it a try! Buy Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD  Online


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