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Buy SPIKED Nano THC Syrup Online

Buy SPIKED Nano THC Syrup Online. SPIKED Disco Lemonade is here just in time for those warmer months! Celebrate the sunshine with this Premium Nano THC Syrup, made with nano emulsified THC for rapid absorption and 3x the potency!

Medicate your favorite beverages anytime, anywhere by simply adding our delicious Disco Lemonade at your desired strength, stir and enjoy!

With our rapid absorption technology, you will begin to feel the effects within 10 minutes and expect full effects within 20 minutes of consumption. Buy SPIKED Nano THC Syrup Online

No separation, No proprietary ingredients, No synthetic chemicals, No artificial sweeteners.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Sugar, Nano Emulsified THC Distillate, Glucose, Natural Flavors, Terpenes, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Vegetable Glycerine, Ascorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate. Buy SPIKED Nano THC Syrup Online

Lab Tested, Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO
375ml Bottle (12.5 one oz servings per bottle)

Dosed at:
250mg total ‘Regular Strength’ (20mg per 1oz shot)
625mg total ‘Extra Strength’ (50mg per 1oz shot)

For Beginner Dosing:
250mg = 3.33mg per teaspoon
625mg = 8.33mg per teaspoon

For Experienced Dosing:
250mg = 9.99mg per tablespoon
625mg = 24.99mg per tablespoon

For Chronissuer Dosing:
250mg = 20mg per 1oz shot
625mg = 50mg per 1oz shot

What is ‘Nano THC’?

Buy SPIKED Nano THC Syrup Online Nano emulsions utilize both oil and water-based components. As is well known, water does not combine with oil. When nanotechnology is properly utilized, both water and oil are processed together in a ‘high shear’ environment. With the right emulsifiers and surfactants, the water molecules will ‘fit inside’ the oil molecules. This creates what is called micelle or liposome.

By decreasing the particle size, it increases the surface area of the active ingredient that is absorbed into the body. This in turn, increases the bioavailability of both the oil and water based components. As an added benefit, nano emulsions bypass the digestive system and ‘inject’ the active cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. Buy SPIKED Nano THC Syrup Online

Why is this important?

By passing the digestive system and allowing cannabinoids to penetrate the mucous membranes allows for immediate absorption
Decreasing enzymatic breakdown of cannabinoids within the digestive system, which again increases bioavailability
This in turn creates an enhanced experience with a lower dose. Buy SPIKED Nano THC Syrup Online

Check out more of our weed drinks here. Or read more about Nano technology and these new beverages read our announcement article here.  

Sample recipes:

For a couple of cool and refreshing recipes to try out this summer check out:

Lemon Bomb Popsicles

Strawberry Lemonade Margarita

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