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Buy THC Transdermal Patches Online

When it comes to topical, THC transdermal patches are a great on-the-go option.
Buy THC Transdermal Patches Online. THC transdermal patches are self-adhesive doses of Cannabidiol. These patches function like birth control and nicotine patches. As in, they release controlled and accurate doses into the bloodstream over time. These patches are applied to any venous area of the body, and provide consistent, continuous, and relatively long-term effects while applied. Within thirty minutes of applying the patch, most wearers feel sensation.
Patches are free of artificial additives and enhanced by herbal components that have been proven in natural medicine to both protect the body and provide therapeutic direction to the formulation. Buy THC Transdermal Patches Online.
Our proprietary transdermal applications are formulated using natural exfoliants to maximize absorption through the skin, while plant based permeation enhancers work to increase the efficiency with which THC is able to enter the bloodstream.
Decide where you want to place the Patch. We recommend applying to an area that isn’t going to be disrupting the patch too much. Suggested areas are back of the wrist or top of the foot. Make sure you choose an area that’s on or very close to the trouble area. Buy THC Transdermal Patches Online.
1. Clean the area where you wish to apply the Patch.
2. Remove the back piece of the patch, revealing the adhesive side, and apply to your skin ( Directly on areas with pain or inflammation)
3. Gently rub over the patch to secure the adhesive to your skin.
4. Enjoy 8-12 hours of controlled THC release. Buy THC Transdermal Patches Online

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